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Normalizing Pedophilia

Texas Is First In America To Ban Abortions

Going ‘Woke’ with Gonzo

Franklin Graham On The Equality Act

The Equality Act

America’s Worldview Matters

Views On Race Relations

Redefining Babies after Birth

Right to Bible Studies Upheld

Why Two Parent Homes Are Still Better

Spokane Prosecutes Pastor

America’s Crumbling Foundation

Abortionist Testifies That Babies Likely Born Alive in Abortion to Harvest Their Body Parts for Sale

Abortionaists Versus Sandra Merritt

When Culture Wins Hearts And Minds

Big Business And Free Elections

Confirmation Of Mathew Kacsmyerik

Harvesting Organs In America and China

Margaret Sanger’s Motives

Attack To Straight White Men

Leftists Berate the Pences for Their Christian Faith

The Problem With Progressive Christianity

The Truth About The SPLC

Pastor Beaten, Hospitalized for His Christian Faith by Muslims

Drag Queens In Our Public Libraries

Girl Scouts And Abortion

Bill Legalizes Abortions Up To Birth

Ralph Northam Defends Infanticide

Pro-Life Bill Defeated

SOGI And The Bible

Austin Ordinance Pressures Churches

Disintegrating Families And Culture

Leftists Are Killing Sex And Gender

Mayors, Drag Queens, And The Library

Our Addiction To Authenticity

Rainbow Mafia to Christians

Planned Parenthood Caught Doing Abortions On 12 Year Olds

Abortion Activist Receives Human Rights Award

Transgender Debate Reflects A Rejection Of Reality

‘Boy’ Scouts No Longer

Hating Chick-fil-A

Holocaust Survey

Supreme Court And Abortion

UN Is Pushing Abortion On Africa

Gender Issue In School Bathrooms

Abortion Bill Fails

Actor Sorbo On Abortion Issue

Irony Of Killing And Creating

Peace Through Jerusalem

True Fascism Is Leftist (Watch Video)

ACLU Supports Nazis But Attacks Rights Of Pro-Lifers

Mega-Church Pastor On The View

Big Problem With The Big Bang Theory

Soros’ Funding Of The Left

The Negative Impact Of Gender Confusion

Hypocrisy And The Assault On Religious Liberty

Faith Groups Versus FEMA

Churches Sue FEMA

Root Cause Of What Happened At Charlottesville

Abortionist Loses License

Christians Are The Givers

From The Desk Of Mat Staver

Pastoral Censorship

Global Warming And Gore’s Hypocrisy

A Win For Religious Liberty

LGBTQ In Houston

Churches Support Planned Parenthood

Tim Tebow As A Role Model

Abortion Business Closures

Christians Leaving The Girl Scouts

National Day Of Prayer Executive Order

Transgenders vs. Homosexuals

California Shoots The Messengers

Last Conservative Standing

Bathroom Bill – Video

Bathroom Bill

Gender Fluidity

Defunding Planned Parenthood

Persecution Perceptions And The Left

An Increasingly Emboldened Fascist Left

March For Life

Christmas Carolers Saves Babies

More Pro-Life Appointments

Companies That Fund Abortion

Fixating On The Fixer-Uppers

Iran Regime After The Nuclear Deal

How The Leftmedia Really Blew It

Debate Misinformation – Abortion

Documented Sex Abuse At Abortion Clinics

Media Bias And Abortion

The Race For The Presidency

Government Pressure And Abortion

Gender Issue In A Washington High School

The American Immigration System

Ship To Be Named After Deviant

Crime And The Immigration Crisis

Obama’s Foreign Policy Fiasco

The Pentagon’s New Transsexual Manual

Casting Blame For Orlando

NBA And Homosexual Activism

NYC Urges People To Use Restroom Of Their Choice

ACLU Rep Quits Over Bathroom Experience

Immigration Turned Terrorism

Targeting Target

We Won’t Be Blackmailed

Facebook Is Only ASymptom Of Leftist Intolerance

Dr. Walsh Fired Over Beliefs

Bathroom Confusion

God’s Not Dead Trailer

Religious Beliefs And Abortion coverage

Facilitating Terrorism

Post-Jihad Gesture Theater

Paranoid Politics

Transgenderism And Fairness

More On Grand Jury Investigation

Grand Jury Indicts Whistleblowers

Immigrants And Assaults In Germany

A Muslim’s View Of Islamic Extremism

More Gender Confusion

Insightful Message On Immigration

Blame Game In Colorado Shooting

Division In The LBGT Camp

Planned Parenthood Caught Red-Handed

When Heroism Is Punished

Israel Fights Terrorists And Relativism

Silencing Health Risks Of Homosexuals

Planned Parenthood’s Response To Wrongdoing

Saudi Arabia No Help

Continued Problems For Oregon Cake Bake Shop

Gender Confusion In Our Colleges

Religious Liberty In America At Risk

School Safety And Islamophobia

Planned Parenthood Disaster

9th Shocking Planned Parenthood Video

Deeply Disappointed