If you are looking for a church family, we hope you will take
just a moment to look over our website and perhaps listen
to a message to get a better feel for what Grace is all about.
We have two identical services for your convenience, and
we would love to have you visit us on a Sunday morning!


No matter your background you will find it easy
to fit into Grace, as we have people from all
walks of life here.   The people are friendly and
the fellowship is warm.   What has drawn us
together is a commitment to God’s Word being
preached and taught at all age levels and a
response in heart-felt worship that is contem-
porary, yet which includes great hymns redone
with a modern feel by our Praise Team.   You
can typically expect to hear messages that are
expositions of various books of the Bible with
an occasional short series on important topics.
Since a major goal for us is to impact our entire
world for Christ, you can also expect to hear a
good deal about missions work that we do and
various missions groups that we support.


This Sunday we continue our study of Judges—a book with a bad reputation. In fact, it may have the worst reputation of any book in the Bible! Dale Davis is right when he calls Judges “so puzzling, so primitive, so violent and so strange that the church can scarcely stomach it.” This is why when one encounters Judges in church it’s usually just a selection of a few heroic episodes so as to avoid those passages that make one cringe. However, in view of events in our country Judges seems like such a timely book to study; it warns us how compromise can lead to forsaking God, which then begins an ugly downward spiral for a country, which can also be our Christian experience if we aren’t careful.


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